I am not loved. I am not a beautiful soul. I am not a good-natured, giving person. I am not anybody's savior.


The 1975 // Positivus 2014


The 1975 // Positivus 2014

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Аbandoned houses

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why do people on tumblr not like it when we talk about tumblr? is it like fight club? so I probably shouldn’t talk about it on the radio 1 breakfast show really, should i? also, not that secret. millions of people on it. they never like us talking about it, we always get really aggressive texts like “shut up about tumblr, tumblr’s for us”. so we’re gonna have tumblr-beef i imagine right now.
by nick grimshaw (via 200pagesin)
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im sorry son…tell your mother… i love h

arry styles

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Harry and Niall at Jay’s wedding - 7/20

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Anonymous asked:
one time i was at a concert and i was behind the venue and there was a print on the wall and i really wanted to reach it for kicks because i was bored so i kept jumping up to try to touch it and a little while later george came out of the bus and we kind of stopped him and we asked if he could touch it and he was like "probably" and he dropped what he was carrying to reach it and we were all kind of like thanks for your input and went our separate ways it was great


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever read. Thank you for choosing me to bless with this. “thanks for your input” #incredible xxx

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the 1975 by kenami

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